Whores in Rome

One of our best travel experiences happened because of a chat with the guy behind the counter at The Almost Corner Bookstore in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome (the address is Via del Moro 45). It’s a great English-language bookstore in a keeping-it-real neighborhood, and somehow it came up that we hadn’t been to that part of Rome before. (My husband is a silent, sophisticated traveler, but I’m not, and conversations like these are the pay-off for my goofiness.) The proprietor told us about a handful of things we Had To See, and dictated directions for a walking tour that would take us to them. His tour sent us rambling over the Gianicolo hill, taking in a Pulcinella puppet show and glorious city views along the way, and ended up at the Vatican.

Moral of the story for those who have remained for the wrap up. Find wisdom in those you find along the way.

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